Thursday, November 30, 2006

Take Five

My birding-itch finally got the better of me during our stay in the Philippines when Cynthia told me there was a small park in Valle Verde where we were staying at the time. I could spare an hour to bird there before I drive to Antipolo, I convinced myself.

The very first bird I saw was a Brown Shrike, quite common at this time of the year. Cynthia then pointed to some dead branches piled in a messy heap several meters away. On top perched a Pied Fantail flicking its tail from side to side. Also making its presence known were some Yellow-vented Bulbuls playing tag among the tree tops. There was also a pair that resides in a palm tree next to the Punzalan residence who treated us to a show every morning. Also at the park, flitting high up in the acacia trees were a flock of Golden-bellied Flyeaters. As we returned home, I stalked a Zebra Dove feeding alongside the road.

Five species in an hour wasn't bad. Most of all it satisfied the craving I have been having since we landed on Philippine soil.

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