Thursday, August 23, 2007

Birding Meme

Taking a break from writing about out Southeast Arizona trip, here are my answers to a Birding Meme that Cogresha ( ) published:

1. What is the coolest bird you have seen from your home?

I have two answers for this: One was a Blue Rock Thrush that I saw from my window when I was still living in the Philippines. It was a migrant from east Asia and normally doesn't stay in urban areas. But a storm just passed thru and must have blown this poor bird close to my home.

My second answer was a Townsend's Warbler flitting among the leaves of the oak tree in front of our apartment in Pasadena. I wasn't an active birder then and seeing a new bird other than the Bushtits, Scrub Jays and Mourning Doves was a welcome respite.

2. If you compose lists of bird species seen, what is your favorite list and why?

I am not a lister. Let me give a lame excuse. I also photograph birds and although I am unable to take pictures of all the birds I see whenever my wife and go birding, my "list" would be the bird photos we (my wife also photographs birds) have taken.

I know, I am a bad birder - shame on me!

3. What sparked your interest in birds?

Being born into this world. Ever since I can remember, I have always been fascinated by birds.

4. If you could only bird in one place for the rest of your life where would it be and why?

Earth. I have books on the birds of almost every country or region in the world, just so I can "bird" these places even if vicariously.

5. Do you have a jinx bird? What is it and why is it jinxed?

So far...the Elegant Trogon. Every year we go to Southeast Arizona to look for this species but no luck yet. At least we heard them this year - our third year of chasing them - so who knows..maybe next year the jinx will end?

6. Who is your favorite birder? and why?

I have not met any of the great birders, so ... next question please..

7. Do you tell non-birders you are a birder? What do they say to you when they find out?

No need to. My wife and I always wear camouflaged clothes (even in a city park. ha ha) and there's this binoculars always hanging from my neck. And of course, I have my ubiquitous camera with me. Some non-birding people are sometimes just curious. I leave all the explaining to my more articulate wife.


Chet said...

Thanks! I'll add your link to the big board!

Felicia said...

I had to laugh at your answer to (5)—my one and only attempt to find an Elegant Trogon (which occurred during a work-related trip to rural Oaxaca) was a total disaster!

It ended up with me covered in mosquito bites and in a state of panic because our rental car overheated and practically blew up—on the edge of one-lane gravel road on the edge of a cliff about 15 miles from the nearest town.

The colleague who dragged me up there was weirdly unperturbed by the fact that no one knew where we were and that we had no way of getting back to town. He kept wandering off in search of the Trogon, which freaked me out even more.

After all that, we never did find the darned thing!