Saturday, May 09, 2009

Full Frontal View

You are a birder and enjoy taking photographs of the birds you see. Now, what if every other bird you saw stood still in front of your camera and gave you a full frontal image. Add to that a look that seemed to say “How about this pose?” You’d probably say that it was just a fantasy or really extremely lucky.

Well it was luck for sure when that happened to me at Bonelli Regional Park last Wednesday. I went there primarily to add the Pacific Loon to my year list. Yes, I saw it and no, I wasn’t able to take a picture of it as it flew to places unknown as soon as I set up my gear.

After that initial setback, things began to turn around as bird species after bird species were quite obliging in having their photographs taken, including an unexpected sighting of a group of Lawrence’s Goldfinches (another sought after bird) just as I was about to leave.

American Robin:

California Towhee:

Western Bluebird:

Song Sparrow:

Lawrence's Goldfinch:

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PSYL said...

What beautiful shots to show for your lucky day. You should go buy a lottery ticket.