Friday, December 24, 2010

Four to Geese

Twas the day before Christmas eve, and some of my friends were free
and so we thought we'd get together and go on a birding spree.
Bong said, "Let's go to Candaba since the weather is quite fair
and maybe we'll get lucky and see the white-fronted geese there."
I hemmed and I hawed because I've seen those birds before
but then I was reminded that Candaba has not just geese but even more.
So we went early in the morning while it was still very dark,
all four of us bird photographers, me and Gabs, and Bong and Mark.
As soon as we arrived Bong started to yell, "Javan Pond Heron!"
With a lifer to start our birding day, we knew we'd be lucky from thereon.
So we moved on and saw the ducks swimming far, far away.
Occasionally they would fly and that's when I saw the Garganey.
With that I got my second lifer of the day tucked under my belt
the smile on my face reflected the sheer happiness I felt.
I was in this elated state when I saw the white-fronted geese
flying towards us - a sight that no one among us could ever miss
Thirteen geese a-flying, four cameras a-clicking and I could see
my friends jubilantly rejoicing as I gladly shared with their glee.
Later on a a cute family of Little Grebes we were also able to find.
So much so that I knew my friends and I - we are of one mind
after having seen such uncommon birds, that for all four of us
This will be one very merry Christmas!

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Tabib said...

Love this in flight Geese.
Happy holiday!