Friday, August 26, 2011


An ominous number. A number that evokes evil and wickedness. The beast! Satan! The mere mention of it educes fear and darkness and apocalyptic thoughts.

Or, it could be the total of all the bird species I have seen so far. My lifelist.

But then could all the sinister connotations of that number be a factor resulting at me being stuck at that total for quite some time now? Was it responsible for me not seeing the Grey-backed Tailorbird despite hearing that bird in many occasions? My would be 667th species?

Perish the thought!

How can I even attribute such failure to a set of digits? I was not getting a new lifer because, to be really honest about it, I have not been going out much. The combination of crappy weather and good old sloth were the culprits for my sedentary behavior. Sure I missed the tailorbird after a couple of tries. But that wasn't unusual. I have had similar disappointments in the past. And none were caused by some creepy numbers.

666? When I see that number, this is what comes to mind:
(You have to click play to fully comprehend the hidden message.)

Disco baby!!!

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