Friday, October 21, 2011

Say What?

What makes birding very exciting is the uncertainty. Sometimes you get to see what you're looking for and sometimes you don't. And sometimes you see what you were not expecting to see. On some rare occasions you see something and you don't know what you just saw - at least not right away.

One such rare occasion happened the other day. Seven intrepid birders (Jv, Jops and Maia, Adri and Trinket, me and Cynthia) were once again at that now famous spot in Quezon City hoping to be honored by the appearance of one of two (preferably both) kinds of kingfishers. After almost two hours of waiting, seven disappointed birders were turning their attention to any feathered creature that flitted among the high branches of the Cupang tree. Soon seven birders were complaining of stiff necks resulting from watching all those Arctic Warblers and Golden-bellied Flyeaters.

Until Maia shouted, "Wait! that one doesn't look like an Arctic Warbler!"

The other six birders said, "What?"

Binoculars and long-lensed cameras were raised in unison.

"Looks like a flycatcher!"

Seven birders thought/whispered/said, "What kind?"

Pictures were taken and the Kennedy Guide was consulted. Asian Brown, maybe? Dark-sided? After much mulling and deliberations still no definitive conclusion was arrived at.

That evening pictures were posted on the internet. Expert opinions were sought. The following day, the announcement was made that the mysterious flycatcher has been identified.

What is it??

Narcissus Flycatcher (Ficedula narcissina), possibly a worn first year male or a young female.

Still a lifer for me and Cynthia.

Note: The flycatcher pictures that I took are so horrendous I decided not to show them here. I still have some dignity you know.

Say what?..

P.S.  See Jv Noriega's photos in Facebook. They are so much better!

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