Sunday, January 29, 2012

Nothing but Thrush

I'd been feeling quite trashy these past few days. Runny nose and all those trashy stuff that comes with the common cold kept me housebound. And Cynthia even had it worse!

Saturday morning and my condition was a little better. A quick trip to nearby University of the Philippines' campus would cure me of my birding itch and maybe even my viral ailment. Who knows? The outdoors might be the thing I really needed. My wife preferred to spend her miseries in bed.

Besides I promised our new birding friend, Peter Ting, that I'd meet up with him there. He has not yet seen the annual sweetheart of U.P. birders, the colorful male Blue Rock Thrush. I pretty much guaranteed him that he will definitely, without doubt, get to photograph this bird.


Of course, he did!

Thankfully, just as soon as Peter got off from his car, the Blue Rock Thrush came flying in, as if on cue, and landed on a branch not that far from us. It was quite a satisfying photo session that ensued afterwards. The thrush even granting us opportunities to take its picture while feasting on those red palm fruits.

Even good things had to come to an end. Our search for other birds near the Vargas Museum turned out to  be so fruitless that we had to resort to photographing butterflies. The area by the beltway was even worse.  By the end of our morning birding sortie we had nothing but thrush to show for our efforts.

At least Peter got his lifer!


playonbirds said...

The colors on the thrush are so vivid! Did you get any butterfly photos worth posting?

Bob Kaufman said...

Yes, there were quite a few good photos. I post my butterfly pictures here: