Sunday, September 02, 2012

Paradise Regained

"A fairer paradise is founded now" - John Milton, Paradise Regained

I once was lost but now am found. Had I known that Bob and Cynthia and their friend, Peter, were looking for me exactly one week ago, I would have shown myself to them. Especially since they had to come in the afternoon because Bob had to attend a seminar in his church earlier that day.

The three of them came again this Saturday morning to once more look for me. Searching with them were their colleagues and friends, Tonji and Sylvia, Mike, Bong and Eve, Irene and Rob. But they chose to go through the broad and easy trail first.

Thankfully, the Rock* showed them the way. The Rock had been here before and after going through the agony of a narrow and slippery path himself, he found me. Now he was so happy to lead the others to paradise.

For some, seeing me gave them a lifer.

As for me, it gave me joy to bestow happiness to others. And I look up with thanksgiving and praise.

*Rocky Sison

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