Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Half a Split?

I am usually a critic of those scientists responsible for giving English names to birds. I mean how in the world could they name Chroicocephalus ridibundus as Black-headed Gull wherein the Latin word ridibundus means Laughing while naming Leucophaeus atricilla as Laughing Gull when the Latin word atricilla means Black-browed (or Black-headed)? Hello! Is there dyslexia among you guys?

However, when it comes to splitting species, I am very much in favor of that. Why? you ask. Because my lifelist gets a boost even while I'm sitting in front of my computer! No need to trek through dense jungle or travel thousands of miles. I look at the latest publication from the renowned ornithologists of the world and find that a new species had been recognized which was split from the previously known one. A perfect example of this was the Common Moorhen - Gallinula chloropus. Those birds found in Europe, Africa and Asia are still called Common Moorhens but those in North and South America are now called Common Gallinules! Since I have seen and even photographed both, I can now add the newly split, brand new species Gallinula galeata to my life list! Woohoo!

Common Moorhen - in Candaba
Common Gallinule - in California


maiabird said...

Cool! It's interesting to see the minute differences between the birds! =)

chinfernandez said...