Sunday, June 07, 2015

Itch Over

Host: Ladies and gentlemen, tonight's guest is none other than Bob Kaufman, bird photographer and blogger. Good evening, Bob, welcome to the show.

Bob: Good evening! Thanks for inviting me. Frankly I'm a bit nervous.

Host: Just relax, Bob. I heard that you finally went birding this morning. How long had it been since you last birded.....

Bob: Mid-April in Hongkong.

Host: the Philippines?

Bob: Oh, sorry. If I remember correctly it was March 7th.

Host: Wow! That long ago already? You usually go birding with your wife, Cynthia. But this morning she wasn't with you. Why?

Bob: It's because of the heat. She just couldn't bear it. Actually even I was hesitant to go but the need to satisfy my birding itch finally overcame my vacillation.

Host: Where did you go?

Bob: At the La Mesa Ecopark.

Host: Did you see a lot of birds?

Bob: Sadly, no. Were it not for the help of some friends that I met there I would probably have seen even less.

Host: So nice of them. I also heard that the Hooded Pitta is now seen quite regularly there. Were you able to see it?

Bob: (Pause)

Host: Did you see the Hooded Pitta?

Bob: Next question please.

Host: (smiling) What birds did you see?

Bob: Well, there was a Barred Rail that hid behind the bushes before I could even raise my camera to my eyes, a flock of tiny Lowland White-eyes, an Ashy Thrush that wouldn't stop singing, and a hungry Guaiabero. That's about it.

Host: And you got pictures of those, I'm sure.

Bob: Well, yes. Except for the Barred Rail.

Host: Would you like to show them here?

Bob: (demurring) Ummm, not really. Honestly, it's because none of my shots turned out well. Let's just say that this morning's trip was all about my need to go birding after a long hiatus. And now I'm glad that that itch is over.

Host: There you have it, ladies and gentlemen, we learned something new tonight. In birding oftentimes it's the simple joy of fulfilling the need to pursue one's passion that really matters. Thank you, Bob Kaufman, for sharing your thoughts and experience with us.

Bob: My pleasure.

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Choy Wai Mun said...

This is a good one, Bob. Couldn't stop laughing...