Saturday, January 14, 2017

Tall Tree Roads

Lately we've been hearing about this new birding place about an hour away from where we live. When our friend Maia posted her blog about their recent birding experience there, that was sort of the trigger that made us decide to try our luck in that place.

The Palo Alto Leisure and Residential Estates located in Baras, Rizal Province was huge! By the entrance gate as we were getting ready to get in, we encountered our first bird of the day - the Balicassiao!

We proceeded to the lodge to meet with the manager to ask for his permission to allow us to bird throughout the subdivision. Dax was very congenial and gave us his blessing, so to speak.

The roads were very well paved and in some places were next to a heavily forested hill with tall trees. There was even a creek that runs through the place. Grey Wagtails were all over the place oftentimes roaming on the streets.

Sounds of "tuk-krrrr" resonated in the cool morning air announcing the presence of Spotted Doves.

As we entered the road going to the falls, we saw five, yes, five Stripe-headed Rhabdornises perched either on the electric post or on the wires next to it.

Striated Grassbirds were already singing their hearts out, well, except for this one who was still trying to shake off its sleepiness.

As we rounded a turn, we were greeted by some Blue-throated Bee-eaters going about their business and not minding the bullying tactics of the Yellow-vented Bulbuls.

It was at the tall trees area that a huge flock of Lowland White-eyes frolicked noisily among the leaves.

At around 10:30 am having gone around the subdivision for about 3 times, we agreed to call it a day. The weather had been indecisive whether to rain or to let the sun shine fully. The whole morning it would occasionally drizzle then suddenly become sunny. 

As we were about to exit we got a surprise. A Red Turtledove showed up and like the drowsy grassbird still tried to get some 40 winks. Or was it just being flirty with us?

Although we did not see a lot of species, we were glad that there was this lovely place not that far from our home. We probably would go back and maybe we would get even luckier.

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