Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Side Views

Last Saturday we went back to Infanta to do some roadside birding. With us was our birding buddy, Peter. When we got to the place, we were surprised that we were the only birders there. Unlike last week. Perhaps it was because the fruits of the Hagimit tree that the birds feed on were now all gone.

Nevertheless, birds were still plentiful. This time though, some of the species we saw were different from those we observed the previous week. With the exception of the very common Yellowish White-eyes.

The Elegant Tits appeared later in the morning.

Whereas last week, the Blue-headed Fantails were plentiful, this time the Citrine Canary Flycatchers took their place.

Also the Philippine Bulbuls were much more active than before.

An exciting discovery was when we saw a Sulphur-billed Nuthatch looking non-stop for food.

During a lull between the "waves" I noticed a raptor soaring overhead. It was a Crested Honey Buzzard.

We only saw one Buzzing Flowerpecker unlike last week when a number of them fed on the remaining ficus berries.

Another kind of Flowerpecker somehow took its place. The Bicoloreds were more into insect-hunting.

Finally, there was a couple of Flaming Sunbirds but we only got a good photo of the female.

As before the road side of Infanta did not disappoint. We will certainly come back when the Haigimit starts fruiting again.

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