Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Subic Birding - Day 2 - Better

Although the weather was still inconsistent, we had better results in our second day of birding in Subic.

When we first saw this bird, I was surprised! I know that it was a White-bellied Woodpecker. However, it had a yellow-crest instead of the usual red. A few days later I consulted our friend, Desmond Allen, an ornithologist, and he said that it was most likely a genetic variation.

Another surprise was when we saw a Common Sandpiper standing next to a flower garden.

That afternoon we chanced upon a mixed flock of mostly dark-colored birds. It was Cynthia who got the better shots this time.

Bar-bellied Cuckoo Shrike
As we were about to leave, a very cooperative Philippine Bulbul posed for me.

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Kenneth Cole Schneider said...

The two of you cooperated to obtain some very nice photos! I especially like the woodpecker with is unique crest.