Sunday, April 08, 2018

Costa Rica - Day 6 - Ending with a Streak

March 10, 2018 - We still had some time to spare at Cerro Lodge before going to the airport for our return trip to Los Angeles. Of course, we spent that time birding La Barca road first then the premises of the lodge. There weren't anything new along La Barca except for a Tropical Gnatcatcher (not a lifer though) which was so high up a tree that we only got  "documentary" shots.

Near the lodge there were the usual visitors to the feeders. The Blue-grey Tanager was one of those regulars, so I took an obligatory shot just to show that they were indeed there.

And as if to day goodbye to us, one of the immature Yellow-headed Caracaras called from a nearby branch.

As a parting gift to us, we got our final lifer, #43, a very unassuming Streak-headed Woodcreeper.

It was adios Costa Rica after that. It had been a wonderful 6-day birding trip for us. We didn't expect to have as many lifers as we actually got. Thanks to the help of the management and staff both at Rancho Naturalista and Cerro Lodge, and to guides Rene and Carlos, we had a wonderful and fruitful birding experience.

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