Saturday, August 04, 2018

U.P. Quick

It was an impromptu decision to go birding at the campus of the University of the Philippines (U.P.) in Diliman. We did not make any plans because the weather forecast said it would rain Saturday starting at 9 am. So when that hour came and it was still sunny, we grabbed our cameras and headed to U.P.

Perhaps it was because we arrived late or maybe it was the numerous constructions going on that we only photographed four species! We heard a few more but they never showed up. The first one we saw was a pair of Black-naped Orioles calling loudly behind the MSI building.

After they flew away, we saw an immature Olive-backed Sunbird feeding off some flowers.

From there we drove around and at the usual spot, there was the Long-tailed Shrike, as we had expected.

We then rounded the elliptical road. Near the entrance where the famous oblation statue was, we saw several birds perched on the electric wires. Long-tailed Shrikes and Zebra Doves.

And that was just about it. Since we both were feeling the pangs of hunger, we decided to take an early lunch at Cafe Via Mare. At least the food there did not disappoint us.

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