Monday, November 05, 2018

The Expected and the Unexpected

Hoping that our luck the day before would continue, I once again brought my camera as we did our early morning walk. For one thing, we were quite sure that the flock of Lowland White-eyes would come at around 6:30 am to the two trees next to the entrance of our condominium building. We noticed on several occasions that they had been pretty consistent with their foraging schedule. And we were right, at the expected time, about 20 individuals came. However, getting a picture was quite a challenge since they were constantly moving in search for the tiny insects under the leaves. I was lucky enough to get a few good ones.

After the white-eyes left, we continued our walk and had an unexpected encounter with a Philippine Pygmy Woodpecker. As a matter of fact, this species is seldom seen here. And on those rare times, it was quite far or high up in the trees. This time it was different. The woodpecker was quite close and was obviously unmindful of us.

Other than that, it was just the usual suspects around the neighborhood. And as always, towards the end of our walk, the Philippine Pied Fantail is a must.

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Kenneth Cole Schneider said...

I especially liked the White-eye.