Friday, February 22, 2019

Thailand Birding - Day 2 - Kum and Go

February 12 - our second day in Thailand. As we were waiting for our breakfast to be served, I noticed some bird movements on the tree where we saw the Flowerpeckers the day before. Soon our 11th lifer showed up in full view and even posed nicely for us - the Golden-fronted Leafbird.

It was joined later by the Sooty-headed Bulbul which we also saw yesterday.

After breakfast we roamed the premises of the Kum Nangpaya Lodge where we were staying. We hadn't gone far when I saw a dark colored raptor fly over and land on a tree. Seeing it had a crest, "Baza!" I told my wife excitedly. It was lifer #12. It was quite high and far so we only got documentary shots.

Continuing our walk, we saw some yellow birds feeding on a fruiting tree. Black-naped Orioles, I thought to myself. Being a common bird in the Philippines, I sort of hesitated a bit but decided to take a picture anyway. Later on as I was reviewing our photos, I discovered that it was actually a different species and another lifer for us - the Slender-billed Oriole. It was a good idea that Cynthia and I both agreed to take shots at any bird even if they look familiar.

By the stream, a Chinese Pond Heron was busy looking for food. 

About quarter to eight, the rising sun was dissipating the cold morning air. We spotted a small bird preening and enjoying the warmth. Lifer #14 was a Common Tailorbird. 

Flitting among the tree leaves was a warbler which I still am unable to identify. Could it be just the very common migrant Arctic Warbler? Hopefully it would be something we hadn't seen before.

Returning to the stream, we saw our 15th lifer - a Plain Prinia.

With the numerous swallow-like birds flying above us, I took some shots hoping that I would be able to know what species they were. Thankfully I did as it was lifer #16 - the Grey-throated Martin.

On the ground some plain-looking birds were going in and out of the bushes. We followed their movements and eventually got some shots of one of them out in the open. Lifer #17 - the Indochinese Bush Lark.

As we were celebrating our luck at getting the bush larks, a medium-sized bird perched just a few feet above us. Not a really good photo but lifer #18 - an Asian Emerald Cuckoo, was documented.

As we were returning to our lodge another cuckoo, the Plaintive one, posed nicely for us.

Around 11 am, we checked out of Kum Nangpaya because we will go to our home for the next three days, the Baan Maka Nature Lodge. Along the road we chalked up two more lifers: the Indian Roller and the Green Bee-eater.

After checking in at Baan Maka and enjoying a sumptuous lunch, we began exploring the grounds. "Try the fruiting tree by the lake", Games, the owner of the lodge, advised us. Indeed there was much avian activity at the said tree. Soon we added the Lineated Barbet to our life list.

The Chestnut-headed Bee-eater was next.

We then proceeded to lake which was mostly covered by lotus plants. A big surprise, and our star bird the day, was the friendly Asian Openbill, another lifer for us.

To end our birding day, the Black-hooded Oriole capped off our life list to date. That was lifer #24.

We returned to our lodge as I was so eager to upload the photos we got on that fruitful birding day.

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