Sunday, January 12, 2020

'sno White

The current attraction among birders and bird photographers is the White's Thrush at La Mesa Ecopark. Being an uncommon migrant, it drew a lot of attention among avian enthusiasts, at one time as many as 20 individuals who tried to a get a photo of this skulker.

Saturday morning, Cynthia and I decided to join the White's Thrush fan club. Not a lifer for us, as we've seen and even got good pictures of this species 6 years ago. We were there a little after 7 am and we joined fellow bird photographer Nes Santiago in the quest for the star bird. We also met young birder, Chet Chua, who took every effort to look for the legendary thrush for us. Unfortunately we were always too late getting to the place where Chet had seen the bird. 

The Brown-headed Thrush, another uncommon migrant, however, was more cooperative since it enjoys feasting on the red fruits of the Mac Arthur palm trees.

Soon other bird photographers came, Rey Ibay, Marc Capistrano, and local birdman, Ferdie Llanes. Ferdie told us that to be able to see the White's Thrush, we have to wait patiently with minimal movement and talking. Half past ten, and my wife getting only a butt shot, we agreed to call it a day.

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