Thursday, June 14, 2007

A Brant New Day

The disappointment of last Saturday's trip to Chilao was still lingering like a bad aftertaste. I had some time to spare on Tuesday afternoon after my appointment with my dentist and before I pick up my wife from her work. Like any opportunistic bird photographer, I had the foresight to bring my 30D + 100-400 combo with me.

My destination was Legg Lake in El Monte which was not that far from my wife's office. Besides, there were sightings of a Brant in the area and that was more than enough incentive for me to go. Brants are small, black wild geese and are rather uncommon in Southern California. Of course, it would be a lifer for me should I be lucky to see this one purportedly inhabiting the north shore of the lake. Lucky I was! I have not been standing by the lake for more than 5 minutes when I spotted it right away - contentedly bathing in the shallow waters. I captured the next two hours of its life in digital images thereby washing off the sad memories of Chilao.

In between my sessions with the Brant (sometimes it would swim off towards the middle of the lake or else mingle with the local domestic geese population) I would venture off and observe the other avian residents of Legg Lake. Green Herons were also cooperative giving me good and close enough opportunities to take their pictures. Both Orioles (Bullocks and Hooded) were busy rearing their almost grown-up offsprings. American Robins and Western Bluebirds were working the grassy areas. A Nuttall's Woodpecker suddenly popped into view.

My enthusiasm has been restored.

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Larry said...

looks like you are living the good life!-I hope to be doing the same some day-For now I am the workingman's novice birder.