Monday, July 23, 2007

A Drop of my Blog

I was scheduled for a blood test on Saturday morning. As Cynthia and I were seated waiting for my turn, the lady across from us suddenly addressed my wife. "Your husband has very nice legs!" I thought this woman had a lot of chutzpah saying that to my better half, who gamely played along and replied, "Yes, he has better legs than mine."

"That's why I wear shorts", I said smiling.

I sighed in relief when she was finally called for her blood test, as she kept ogling my legs which was beginning to make me feel a bit uneasy. "I'm glad you came along with me," I told my wife, "otherwise, she would have probably grabbed my knees". I wondered if the medtech who will be doing my blood work will find it a little redder with all that flattery thrown at me.

The rest of the morning was spent in housework, the chores made light by the constant ribbing about the now prized part of my anatomy. (Maybe I should insure them just like Angie Dickinson did, I jokingly told Cynthia,). Most people here in the States do their housecleaning in spring. We do it in summer. Why? because there are no birds during summer!

That was made even more evident when we sashayed over to Sepulveda Dam in the afternoon. We did see a Robin with something in its beak just as we were getting off the Jeep. Aside from a Yellow Warbler that teased us with its singing while all the while being partly hidden from the dense foliage, nothing else piqued our interest.

After a relatively unproductive foray, my wife and my two beautiful legs decided to call it a day.

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