Sunday, October 14, 2007

The Departed

Allow me to digress from birding just for this time. Monday, Oct. 15th will be my last day at work. After more than 11 years with this company, the time has come to say goodbye. Below was a "valedictory" email that I sent to my friends and co-workers.

The klieg lights have been dimmed. The orchestra has left the pit. The curtain has been brought down. The physically challenged lady has sung. After over 11 years, it is now time to exit stage left.

In the coming days I will be looking back and once more hear the applause and some occasional boos. When the band played triumphal marches and a few sad requiems. Memories of my life on the Indymac stage will be a constant companion as I sit back and enjoy the freedom from the pressures demanded by the repertory.

Above all I will cherish the moments spent with those who were at the backstage with me. Away from the limelight, these are those who shared my joys and my tears. I will remember those who draped an arm around my shoulders when I needed it most and those who laughed at my oftentimes corny jokes. These are the people who made my decision to leave very difficult. I will remember them all and my heart will smile.

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