Monday, June 16, 2008

Short and Sweet

My wife has a 10 am appointment Saturday, June 14th. When we arrived at Legg Lake in El Monte we only had about an hour to go birding. Thank heavens, we weren't disappointed.
By the water's edge a Great Blue Heron was patiently stalking some potential breakfast.

The tree tops were blossoming with Double-crested Cormorants and awash with the calls of Great-tailed Grackles.

Near the green bridge a family of Bullock's Orioles were chasing one another. Finally, one of the youngsters, perhaps getting hungry from all those flying around, decided to hunt for spiders from a dead tree.

Not far from it Barn Swallows were resting on the telephone wires.

Since Legg Lake is a popular picnic area most of these birds had become familiar with the presence of humans. We were having a blast enjoying the "tameness" of these birds when I noticed that an hour has already passed. As if to say goodbye, a lone American Robin eyed us as it sat basking in the morning sun.

And they said summer always brings birding doldrums.

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