Friday, April 17, 2009

With a Little Help (Part VI of our Florida Trip, Apr 8, 2009)

We'll get by with a little help from our friends...

And so it had to come to an end. We felt that we have barely scratched the surface of Florida birding. The question now is, do we plan to return and have another go at it? Only time (and of course, finances) will tell. Cynthia fell in love with Florida and the thought of retiring there even crossed her mind. She simply adored the wide open spaces and the abundance of greenery and water (there were ponds and lakes everywhere we went). And of course, the hospitality of the people. Which now please allow me to acknowledge them here.

First of all, a shout-out to friend, fellow birder and blogger Felicia Lee for going out of her way in providing us information on birding places in Jacksonville. Too bad our schedules didn't jive and we were not able to meet her and her husband, Glenn.

At Jacksonville, our deepest thanks to May Galang and her Mom, Nena, who accommodated us to their home for two nights. May the Lord grant you your hearts desires! Our thanks also go to Francis and Elsie Ong, for showing us their lovely mansion and taking us to a sumptuous dinner at Mandalouns. To the very kind and helpful Ranger at St. George, Roger Clark, for helping us add numerous lifers to our list and for letting us hang-out on his veranda. More power to you! To the Rangers and other birders at Ft Caroline who made it easy for these out-of-town birders to enjoy the local birdlife, thank you all!

At Orlando, our sincerest gratitude to the Magpantay family: Joel, Jennie and their three sons, John, Josef and Matthew for letting us stay with them and for the super delicious meals they shared with us. God bless you and may the Lord prosper you in many ways!

Bill and Shirley Hills for inviting us to their yard to watch the colorful birds that come to their feeders and for pointing out the birds to us at Turkey Creek Park, thank you very much! That goes to their birding pal, Howard, too! A shout out to Ranger Cindy at Moss Park for taking the time to chat with us and making us feel welcomed.

Now for the numbers: We added 10 lifers on this trip which brought my lifelist to 469. My year list for 2009 is now standing at 233 species seen.

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Jason Bugay Reyes a.k.a horukuru said...

Nice trip and peoples you met my friend hehehe :)