Tuesday, September 15, 2009


It was many, many times I heard
My birding friends telling me
That there exists a sandpiper, a kind of bird
By the name of Solitary
And this bird lived with no other thought
Than to elude being seen by me

It was seen at the river and I went to the river
I followed when it was seen by the sea
But it wasn’t there when I was there
The quaint Solitary
Even with the help of birding friends
That sandpiper I wasn’t able to see.

And this was the reason that each time I seek
Whether inland or by the sea
That tiny bobbing, wading, little bird
Known as Solitary
That I ended up taking pictures
Of just any bird I happen to see
To satisfy my craving desire to have
Something to share through my photography

Many birds I encountered in my unending quest
For the bird I may never see
Were willing to pose in front of my camera lens
And that will just have to be
Now I present to you a Spotted Sandpiper
Instead of that stinking Solitary.

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mick said...

Sorry you didn't get the bird you wanted but I am quite happy with the one you did get! That's one we don't get down here and I went back to my books to look for some more details - and more photos!

gwendolen said...

ROFL @ last line. Hahaha.
Wonderful post Bob. *chuckles

Amy said...

Aw, bummer! I like the shots you got, anyway, stinking or not. ;)

Kelly said...

Ahhh.....but the bird you did get is gorgeous!!! A very funny poem...you're good at that!

Anonymous said...

These two are really good photos, even if they aren't the one you wanted. (If you can't be with the one you love ....)

Glad you're maintaining your sense of humor throughout.

Rambling Woods said...

Where would be be as birders if we weren't always looking for that one special bird? @:} ...being new to birding, I have so many to look for and much of what I see is new. But I also enjoy just watching the birds in my yard... Lovely post Bob.. --Michelle--

Tabib said...

As you know birding is always like this. You loose some, miss some, get some unexpected, and sometime empty CF card except for some flowers or butterfly shots.
Love that bird and poem.