Monday, May 24, 2010

Knees and No Few

The pain on my knees, particularly the left one, was excruciating. We were trudging along the trail in a small village in the town of Coron in Palawan province. Our very eager guide, Erwin, had been pointing out birds left and right, oftentimes disregarding my complaints that I can't walk fast enough to be where he wanted me to be. Since he was the one carrying my gear (my camera and 500mm lens mounted on a tripod), he usually would point the camera towards the bird he saw and sometimes even sneak in a couple of shots of his own while waiting for me to arrive at the scene. Which I didn't really mind at all because Cynthia who was more agile and carried a lighter set of camera equipment, was always next to him and was also shooting at the same subject herself.

We spent about a day and a half birding with Erwin at the same village where he lives. From that brief foray, Cynthia and I racked up not so few lifers. Twenty-five in all, as a matter of fact. It was definitely worth enduring the seemingly endless ache on my knee. Not to mention the hot and humid weather that prevailed on both days.

Here are a few of what we photographed:

Ruddy Kingfisher

Blue-eared Kingfisher

Chestnut-breasted Malkoha

Oriental Dwarf Kingfisher

Common Flameback

Palawan Blue Flycatcher

Hooded Pitta

Black-naped Monarch

There were places in Coron that we still haven't explored of which Erwin assured us that there were even more birds. We promised we will come back.

But first I have to wait for my torn knee ligament to heal. *Sigh*

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Unknown said...

Sweet goodness!
Congrats on all the Lifers AND on those gorgeous birds.

I feel your pain about the heat and humidity. Takes an effort to get out and hold that camera the right way around ;)
Hope your knee is soon better!

NatureFootstep said...

small birds with large beaks. :)

It must have been great to see so many new ones in one day, maybe worth the pain? But as I see it the fun par comes when you startto know the birds a little. :)

mick said...

Beautiful colorful birds and "possibly" (??) worth the pain in the knee. I hope it heals fast - but from my own experience with a torn knee ligament it does tend to come back and ache at later usually inconvenient times!

Felicia said...

Gorgeous birds! I'm really sorry about your knee, though. Hope it heals quickly so you can get out there again soon!

Larry said...

Wow Bob, Kingfishers are some of my favorite birds and you sure have several incredible shots there! That Blue-eared Kingfisher is gorgeous and the Palawan Blue Flycatcher, stunning!

Christopher said...

These are all gorgeous... but I am most jealous of that Flameback - what a cool woodpecker!!!

gwen said...

Wow. So many lifers! The Kingfishers are so wonderful. Love the Ruddy Kingfisher.

I do hope your knee gets better soon, Bob.