Monday, March 05, 2012

This was Owl I got!

Arguably the most visited and photographed species nowadays is the Philippine Eagle Owl family in the town of Angono. These birds are so cooperative that their pictures had been taken from almost every conceivable angle.  However when I, together with friends Jun Osano and Mark Jason Argallon, arrived early Saturday morning, not a single one of the three owls were present!

Eventually Jun was able to spot the adult female. Later on we also had glimpses of the juvenile. It was quite unfortunate that these owls never gave us a clean, clear look. Unlike what they did to those who had been here before us. (And may I add also to those who came later). Nonetheless I was quite happy with the photos I got after about three hours of enduring the heat and the pesky mosquitoes. Focusing on the antics of the female, I captured the various facial expressions of this huge bird.

omg! Bob, is that you?
trying to impersonate Mr. Magoo
the owl version of O_o
Popeye the sailor owl
ok, enough already, i'm going to sleep


trinket said...

^O_o^ love this bob!

we got one adult and the juvenile last sunday.

Monique et Daniel said...

Magnifique série de cette si belle chouette!
Et bien le bonjour depuis la France ou nous suivons vos exploits photo!

Friend of HK said...

So sweet!