Wednesday, June 13, 2012

One Flew Over the Coucal's Nest

The bird flew across the road directly in front of us. I screeched to a sudden stop then slowly moved our car to the grassy shoulder at the opposite side of where the huge bird landed. I quietly lowered the window next to me and was thrilled to see the Philippine Coucal perched on a low branch carrying a withered cogon leaf. With the stealth of a predator, I pointed Cynthia's camera at it. (My huge lens was lying at the backseat and we were afraid that heaving it to my driver's position might spook the coucal.) 

The bird and I eyed each other for a few minutes - each one not daring to move first. Then it's parental instincts prevailed over caution and it launched itself into the air, landing about a yard and a half towards the tall grass. Once again it gave me a look and then like a rabbit in a magician's hat completely disappeared from view. My wife and I could tell that it was in the deep recesses of the clump of cogon for we could hear it's cooing sound.

We fought the urge to come close to see the nest itself, afraid that it might disrupt the coucal's nesting behavior. We drove off feeling lucky that we saw the coucal fly over its nest.

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