Saturday, February 09, 2013

Dove Story

Where do I begin? It wasn't dove at first sight for sure. The birds we saw early that morning were a study in contrasts: the pious from the profane.

A Philippine Pygmy woodpecker was deep in prayer as it greeted the morning sun.

While a (literally) dirty-mouthed Large-billed Crow was spewing expletives from its lofty branch.

The rest of the avian species were simply carrying on with their usual routines of hunting for food or frolicking under the bright blue skies.

Striated Grassbird
Black-naped Orioles
My wife and I however came to the hills of Antipolo for something else. We were in the mood for dove. We were looking up at some tall trees when Cynthia heard something cooing.

"Perhaps dove?" she was hoping.

"Can this be dove?" I echoed her sentiments.

Minutes passed then a flutter of wings and flash of color. All of a sudden dove is in the air. Following its true dove ways, it landed under a thick canopy. After searching thoroughly we found our target bird peeping through the leaves giving us the look of dove. I was having a hard time taking its picture because I was handholding my camera with a 500mm lens so I walked to our car and got my tripod. When I returned to where I was taking its picture earlier, I asked my wife, "Is it still there?"

"Don't worry," she said, "it looks like dove is here to stay."

There was a slight ray of sunshine that fell on the bird revealing its wonderful reddish color. Indeed, dove is a many splendored thing. Eventually on the wings of dove it flew off to a place behind some lush verdancy. We were wondering where dove has gone. 

As we prepared to go home we were happy to have experienced dove like this. Maybe when we return we will find that dove is lovelier the second time around.

By the way, "dove" is a Philippine Cuckoo Dove.

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