Monday, March 04, 2013

Malaysia Birding - Information and Logistics

First of all, please allow me to express our deepest gratitude to our friend, Weefar Wee, for his kindness, hospitality and generosity. We can never thank him enough for what he had done for us. Consider these: He picked us up from the airport, treated us to dinner and let us sleep in his house in Kuala Lumpur. The following morning he treated us to breakfast then drove us to first to Bukit Tinggi and from there to Fraser's Hill. He even took us to Jelai on the afternoon of our first day in Fraser Hill and again in the morning of day two. Again, thank you Weefar for everything!

Now for the information:

First be aware the Malaysia has right-hand driving. Another thing is that the electrical outlets are three-pronged so be sure to bring an adapter with you if you plan on recharging your electrical devices.

Birding Places:

1. Bukit Tinggi - is a resort area located some 2000 ft above sea level in Pahang State about an hour's drive from Kuala Lumpur. The area in and around the Japanese Garden is a good area for birding and bird photography. The Botanic Garden is also an excellent birding place.

Getting there:
There is no public transportation that goes there. If you're driving, take the Kesas Highway from Kuala Lumpur to Kuantan, then take the Bukit Tinggi exit. Otherwise take a taxi which would cost about 200 MR (Malaysian Ringgit).

Accommodations: If you wish to spend the night at Bukit Tinggi, there is a hotel, quite expensive, I might add, that you might consider:  Colmar Tropicale 

There is also an entrance fee if you plan to visit the Japanese and Botanic Gardens: 16 MR per adult, 8 MR for children

2. Fraser's Hill - arguably the best birding place in Malaysia not only because of the ease of seeing birds but also of the diversity of birds to see. The prime location is the parking lot of the Jelai Hotel from sunrise to about 8:30 am. Although birds can still be seen at other hours, the most number of species present would be between these times.



Taxi to Bukit Tinggi - about 200 MR one way
Taxi/Hired car (have the hotel arrange for airport pickup and return) to Fraser Hill - 250 MR one way
Hired car from Shazan hotel to Jelai - 50 MR roundtrip


We stayed at the Shazan Hotel for 200 MR a night which includes free buffet breakfast. No airconditioning necessary because it's cold especially at night. The usual amenities are there and there is free wi-fi at the lobby and restaurant. The manager, Mohammad Daud, is very nice and helpful.


There are several eateries at the food court (and most of the hotel have their own restaurants) which serves Malaysian/Chinese/Western food. Prices range from 8 MR and up.


Unknown said...

Thank you for your report and info. Had been to Jelai, a wonderful place. Met Mr.Dorai who was a great guide.

Antshrike said...

Thanks for your posts. I'll be at Frasier's Hill in Sept.