Friday, March 08, 2013

That's Owl, Folks!

An array of cameras with huge lenses mounted on sturdy tripods were lined up in front of the tree. The photographers were excited engaging in shop talk as they waited. Soon our host, Jops, came rushing in. He looked up at the tree where the cameras were pointed, shone his flashlight into it and declared for everyone to hear:

"It's there!"

Cameras were aimed, shutters pressed and flashes flashed. That was the routine for the next couple of hours as we photographed the star of the LaVista Village, the Philippine Scops Owl (which I shall lovingly dub as Jop's Scops). The only variation to that routine was the shifting of our positions either to get a better view of the adult or to move to where the fledglings were.

Somehow the sight of a horde of photographers with long lenses aroused the curiosity of the local residents particularly those emerging from the nearby church after attending an evening mass. An impromptu introduction into bird watching was done by the members of the Wild Bird Club of the Philippines (WBCP) as they spoke with the intrigued individuals. 

"That's owl, folks!" was the response to the question as to what bird it was that drew all these visitors to the subdivision.

A little before 8 pm, Jops announced, "Last five minutes!"

Flashlights were soon turned off, camera gears packed and an exuberant group thanked our dear host and left happily.

adult Philippine Scops Owl
the young 'un
As Porky Pig would have said: "Th-th-th-that's owl, folks!"

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