Saturday, May 11, 2013

Not the Besra

It was not the best time to see the nesting Besra. We found that out the hard way. After a 200 meter walk (or so according to our guide, Chris) we stationed ourselves behind some thick vegetation and peered through our camera lenses. And saw the nest. The female is there sitting, Chris assured us. Ivan, whose eyes are sharper than that of the Besra showed me the image of the nest and declared, "See the eye?"

I stared and squinted and looked intensely. "I can't see the eye." I finally gave up. 

Later when we got home I looked at the blown-up photograph of the nest that I took and voila! The eye!

Strangely, it wasn't very birdy at Bangkong Kahoy that day. The Flamebacks which were supposed to be checking out a nesting site near the camping grounds most likely found a better place. All we saw was an empty hole.

The Bicolored Flowerpecker's nest near the dining area was just an empty nest. We weren't able to see any Bicolored at all (which would have been a lifer for us)!

We did get a Flowerpecker though, the Pygmy one. If it wasn't for Cynthia's quick reflexes, we would have missed this one, too.

And then there was the teasing Philippine Hawk Cuckoo which kept on calling but never showed itself to us. Well I did get a fleeting look but that was just about it.

Scale-feathered Munias were feasting on the grass stalks but were just too skittish for a closer look.

A Large-billed Crow was calling across the ravine. Way across the ravine.

Thankfully, the Scale-feathered Malkoha was a willing subject.

Maybe it was not the best outing we had, but the food was delicious and the hospitality of the staff made up for a disappointing birding day. And of course, the company of friends Irene and Ivan is always refreshing.

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trinket said...

more like half an eye.