Friday, January 17, 2014

I Got Handsome

Not that I was ugly before but I did get handsome. Let me put it another way: what my wife had before wasn't really good looking, but now I've gotten handsome. Before I start getting any movie offers, let me explain that further: Around this time about a year ago we were at the Makiling Botanic Garden. The lipote tree was in full bloom and birds were a-plenty. One such bird was the Handsome Sunbird -at that time a lifer for me and my wife. Cynthia managed to get an awfully blurred shot (I can't blame her, the tiny bird was hyperactive and preferred the darker parts of the tall tree). I did not even get a single shot.

When news that the same lipote tree was back in bloom and once again birds were a-plenty, we returned with high hopes of getting better photos of the Handsome Sunbird.

We did. After almost four hours of looking up - literally - and suffering stiff necks, we did.

Bob's version
Cynthia's version
There were other birds, of course. Thanks to the sharp eyes of our friends, Prof. Tirso Paris and Steve Albano, we were able to see four species of Sunbirds (Handsome, Grey-throated, Purple-throated and Flaming), three kinds of Flowerpeckers (Orange-bellied, Red-keeled and Buzzing) and Balicassiaos. We kept hearing the teasing shrieks of Colasisis but not a single one came out in the open frustrating Steve who came particularly for this tiny green parrot.

Grey-throated Sunbird
Orange-bellied Flowerpecker
Red-keeled Flowerpecker
Buzzing Flowerpecker
Back home and looking at our photos I kept murmuring "I got handsome! I got handsome!" like some egotistical mantra. To which my wife commented, "But you've always been!" 

That's why I love her so.