Sunday, March 09, 2014

Sad Movies

Cynthia had grandma duties so I went to Ecopark alone.
I saw my first bird which didn’t take too long
An Ashy Thrush flew up to the branch of a tree
Just as I was being joined by Bert and company.

We climbed up the narrow trail hoping to see
The kingfisher that birders nicknamed Spotty
But Spotty strangely was nowhere to be found
So we all decided to explore the other trails around

When we stopped to rest we saw some movement above
Looking up we all saw a lovely White-eared Brown Dove
Farther into the forest we went and then once again paused
Because a Mangrove Blue Flycatcher stopped by and posed

As rising temperatures announced the approaching midday
I said goodbye to my friends and went my own separate way
That night as I was going over my friend’s posts in Facebook
There was something there that made me do a second look

A photo of an Eye-browed Thrush was posted by Bert
Suddenly I felt as if I was cursed by mother earth
Five times I went to Ecopark hoping to see this thrush
Five times I failed, five times my heart was crushed

I was sniffling softly as I watched a dramatic TV show
Then slowly, silently my tears began to flow
Cynthia noticed this and she asked me why
I just told her that sad movies make me cry

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