Monday, March 10, 2014

Bob's Hope

The encouraging comments to my yesterday's post in Facebook about my lamentations on not seeing the Eyebrowed Thrush after five attempts buoyed my hope. Friends and family urged me to go back to Ecopark and try again. I communicated with our friend, Bert, who saw it last. He gave me very precise directions on where he saw the thrushes (he said there were about four) and even the time that he saw them.

Armed with these information Cynthia and I returned to the La Mesa Ecopark this morning. Full of hope I brought along my big lens which elicited a "you must be very confident" comment from my wife (to which I replied with a wide grin). 

One of my handicaps is that I am not good at finding locations. Despite the directions given by Bert, I still had problems getting there. Through the convenience of SMS with our friend we finally located the exact place that he described. The time was about 11:30.

It was at that time that the prophetic words of my Facebook well wishers came true.

Sometimes sad movies have happy endings.


trinket said...

Congratulations! Your patienc and persistence paid off! It's a beautiful photo.

chinfernandez said...

If at first you don't succeed... congrats!!!! Happy for you...