Sunday, May 04, 2014

Green and Bear it

The summer temperature was soaring into unbearable digits. Birding in this type of weather would be almost suicidal. Unless it was done in the mountains where the thermometer reading would be a few degrees lower.

Palos Verdes is a relatively small subdivision in the hills of Antipolo. And it certainly lives up to its name - there are more places with tall green trees here than houses! Thanks to our friends, John and Vivette Webb who reside in this verdant area, we were able to escape the baking heat of the lowlands and enjoy the birds at the same time.

It being summer, there weren't that many feathered creatures around, but for those that were present it was a time of love and war. Avian breeding season is the reason for this. Songs filled the morning as males staked their territories. Inevitably a fight would ensue whenever a trespasser comes or a rival to a prospective mate appears. We have witnessed many instances of this happening - from different species! 

The few birds that we managed to photograph were the common ones usually seen here. This time they were a bit bolder perhaps because they were more focused on reproducing their kind or defending their domains.

Black-naped Oriole
Philippine Pygmy Woodpecker
At this elevation, it was a surprise to see a Pied Bushchat diligently hunting for food.

As we were about to leave, the usually skulking Barred Rail paraded in front of us.

Finally it was time for us to return home. It wasn't long after we left the place of Green Trees that we had to bear with the sad realities of summer - traffic jams and excruciating heat.

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