Saturday, June 14, 2014

Cheap! Cheap!

The summer heat had kept us from going birding for over a month now. The weather is still hot but I need to go out and photograph birds. And in my present state of mind, any bird will do. Which means I don't have to go to any specific place..there are birds even here in our subdivision.

My car's gas tank is now half empty (although I'm quite optimistic so it is still half full). Nevertheless, for me, that is a signal that I need to have it to full capacity again. Now what is the relation of a half-empty (ok, half full) gas tank to a birding destination, you might ask. Gasoline prices!!!

In our neighborhood, regular unleaded sells for P54.05 a gallon. In Antipolo, a mere 7 kilometers away,  it goes for just P51.90. A quick computation showed that I could be saving some P75 if I loaded up in that city. 

Actually, this analysis was done by my wife and household CFO. Therefore it was she who suggested we go birding at….where else?  Antipolo! Again, thanks to the hospitality of the Webbs who reside there, we were able to enjoy our hobby at their very verdant subdivision. Unfortunately, there weren't many birds that particular day. Even though both kingfisher species - the Collared and the White-throated - were there they were as skittish as usual.

The Black-naped Orioles were calling everywhere but only one decided to show up in the open. Other than these, the other avian species seemed to have taken a day-off or just be annoyingly uncooperative.

We gave up after two hours. Now to fill up our gas tank.

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