Sunday, July 31, 2016

Quick Fix

There are times when we can't do some serious birding but the desire somehow keeps nagging. What to do in such situations? A quick fix of course. That means birding in our neighborhood. 

On an almost regular basis, my wife and I do our morning exercise by walking around our subdivision, stopping every so often when we see birds. So this particular Saturday morning, I decided to bring along my camera to satisfy my birding itch. There weren't that many birds and I managed to photograph only three species.

Thanks to the Yellow-vented Bulbuls our walk was made "fruitful".

Thanks to the Zebra Dove for giving us a "leg-up".

And finally, thanks to the Philippine Pied Fantail who obliged us despite being haggard looking. We surely are your fans.

I would like to apologize to the Eurasian Tree Sparrows for not taking their photos. You guys were just so busy foraging, no one stopped to pose for us even for a few seconds.

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