Saturday, February 18, 2017

Chat Time

It was as if a friend you haven't talked with for quite some time suddenly invited you to chat in Facebook.

That was the same feeling we had when we did a short birding foray in Antipolo. First of all it was not the best condition weather-wise. It was actually drizzling when we got there so our expectations were naturally low. Then came the unexpected - a plethora of Pied Bush Chat sightings. We've birded this place many times before and as far as I can remember we only saw this species not more than three times and only a pair at that. Yet this morning they were practically at every corner! 

The following photos were of different individuals taken at different places.

the females were more shy

How about a Pied Bush Cat?

Our encounter with the Bush Chats was of course the highlight of the day. But wait! There was even a bonus! A flock of about fifteen Ashy Minivets were busily foraging for insects from the tree in front of us.

Even though the sun shone for a fleeting moment,  grey clouds once more gathered ominously and it wasn't long before tiny raindrops started falling from the sky. That was our signal. Time to go back home.

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