Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Birds on a Wire

On our first birding foray in California we visited our favorite destination - Eaton Canyon Park in Pasadena. We spent the whole day seeing familiar birds.

In the afternoon still affected by jet lag, we decided to just explore my son's neighborhood in Glendale. Palmer Park was a huge disappointment. It became a "people park". It now has a basketball court, a children's playground and a "social area". With such an abundance of human beings, the birds were nowhere to be found. So our option was just to walk along the street inasmuch as we've seen some crows and a mockingbird there earlier.

Surprisingly, the birds were here! Albeit perched on electric wires. Some would fly down to catch some unfortunate insect. And here they are:

Hooded Oriole (immature)
House Finch
Mourning Dove
Northern Mockingbird
Western Bluebird
Then suddenly this lovely bluebird spotted a worm and flew down just a few feet from where I was. That resulted in my photo of the day:

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