Thursday, May 04, 2017

Birding in Ecuador - Day 3 - Such a Time We Had

This day we birded the grounds of the Sachatamia Lodge where we were staying. Prior to our trip to Ecuador we already researched the quality of birding that can be experienced here. It was quite promising! 

Now we were enjoying it first hand. This despite an occasional shower and the feeders not replenished by the hotel staff. The leisurely walk around the area garnered 15 more lifers for us. One of the challenges of birding in Ecuador was identifying the various kinds of Treecreepers. These birds have practically the same rufous-brown plumage and the same habit of creeping on the trunks and branches of trees (hence their name). Here are a few samples:

Montane Woodcreeper
Stout-billed Woodcreeper 
Tyrannine Woodcreeper
The other highlight of the day was when we chanced upon a Birding Tour Guide showing a group of lady birders a Guayaquil Woodpecker not far from our cottage.

Then while we were relaxing by the parking lot we saw one of the target birds in this area - The Red-headed Barbet.

Yesterday our driver/guide, Luis, told us to look for the resident owl. So we asked Joni, one of lodge's staff if such bird still inhabits the area. "Yes, it comes around 7 at night," he assured us. That evening we ventured out in the dark from our cottage hoping to see the nocturnal bird. As we neared the main lodge we heard the loud screams from a nearby tree. Cynthia called Joni who then came with a flashlight and shone it on the Black-and-white Owl.

It was a relaxing birding day for us and we had such a wonderful time seeing more lifers. 

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