Monday, September 18, 2017

That Haunting Sound

For almost four hours that deep "hmmm" kept haunting us. We could tell that the source of that taunting call was not that far from us. And yet, even with the help of five other birder friends all with binoculars, the Flame-breasted Fruit Dove, despite its repeated cooing, was never located. Considering that this was our (my wife and I) fourth attempt at trying to get a photo (or at least a good look) of this mysterious bird and failing on all those occasions was a heart-breaking experience. The fact that a whole bunch of photographers got close up shots of this species just the day before added to our pain.

Ah, but such is a birder's life.

Eventually we gave up and decided to join another group of birder friends to look for the sunbirds frequenting the hibiscus flowers at the km. 96 area. Thankfully, the Luzon Sunbird cooperated several times. For this Cynthia and I were very grateful inasmuch as we still didn't have good photos of this species. 

the reason why it used to be called Metallic-winged Sunbird
At least our day was not a complete disappointment.

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