Tuesday, October 02, 2018

Four River

Sunday afternoon at around 5 we went to the worker's compound in our condominium complex. Being a Sunday the usual throng of laborers were not around. This would be an opportunity for us to have a closer look at the Marikina River which is very close to the worker's area. We were so thankful that we added 4 more species to the list of birds seen at The Grove.

We've seen the Little Egret on our usual daily walk but it was quite a distance - they were on the other side. This time we got a bit closer and I was able to get photos of them.

Also lately we've witnessing Whiskered Terns hunting for fish. From the worker's compound we even saw several perched on poles sticking out of the water.

What really surprised us was a Common Kingfisher inhabiting the area on our side of the river.

Another surprise, and the fourth new species we got, was when we were about to leave we saw this bird fly by. At first we thought it was just another tern but it's mode of flight was so different. I was lucky enough to get a shot. Looking at the result I realised that what we saw was a Common Sandpiper!

The Philippine Pied Fantail was also friendlier this time and allowed us to get closer to them.

The sun was about to set so we decided to go back to our building tower. Just as we approached the entrance a flock of Lowland White-eyes having a last minute food hunting before calling it a day.

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