Tuesday, October 02, 2018

Cuckoo Not!

For two days birders and bird photographers alike were thrilled at seeing an uncommon migrant. Add to that the fact that this is a big bird with an awesome crest. Our friend, Peter, asked me if we wanted to try our luck. I pondered for a while. We've seen and even got good photos of this species early this year in the town of Rodriguez. However, since it had been months (!) since my wife and I had done some birding outside our condominium grounds, I thought that going to the campus of the University of the Philippine would be a welcome change.

After a hearty breakfast buffet, we all proceeded to the parking lot of the Marine Science Institute (MSI) building where the Chestnut-winged Cuckoo had been hanging around. Following the directions given by our friend, Melanie Tan, we went to the area across said parking lot. Later on we were joined by more friends and bird enthusiasts. Three hours of waiting and our target bird never showed up. We were told later by those who remained and by those who came in the afternoon that our Cuckoo must have left the premises.

When waiting for the hoped-for bird, we, of course, spent most of the time photographing other species that we have encountered in the area. It was Cynthia who got a Collared Kingfisher, surprisingly away from a body of water.

I, on the other hand, got some awful shots of the Philippine Pygmy Woodpecker.

Good shots of a Pied Triller.

and better shots of the Philippine Pied Fantail.

The best was that of an Olive-backed Sunbird that entertained us from a tree right next to the MSI building.

On our way home, we all agreed that it wasn't really that disappointing in missing the bird that seemingly everybody and his/her uncle had seen the past couple of days. Just the fact we've finally been out birding was good enough for us.

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