Sunday, December 09, 2018

Better U.P.

We went birding at the campus of the University of the Philippines (U.P.) in Diliman last Saturday. It was way better than our last trip there. Our first stop was at the pond and right off the bat a very cooperative White-breasted Waterhen gave our birding day a good start.

Having done its job the waterbird then moved farther away from us. That was when we heard the non-stop hammering call of a Coppersmith Barbet. However, both me and Cynthia failed to locate the source of that sound despite our many attempts and experiencing a literal pain in the neck. Soon a mixed flock came into the fruiting tree. Unfortunately they were all at the uppermost area. My wife was on one side looking up and I was at the other side straining my neck trying to locate and identify the movements way up there. Eventually Cynthia got some photos of a Red-keeled Flowerpecker which I didn't see, while I got a shot at a Philippine Hanging Parrot, which she did not see.

Finally, after the mixed flock had left, the Coppersmith Barbet maybe realized that we have waited long enough and decided to show up, even obliging for some photo ops.

Then, the Black-naped Oriole which was part of the earlier group made a come back and posed long enough for me to get a picture.

As we were leaving the pond, I noticed a white thing on the bare branches across. Upon closer look, I was surprised to see a Little Egret perched there.

We then made a trip around the campus and stopped where the Long-tailed Shrike was always a sure sighting.

We even got a couple of bonuses in the form of a Zebra Dove and a Brown Shrike.

To cap it off, a pair of Philippine Pied Fantails were busy hunting for insects and didn't mind a couple of seniors taking their pictures.

8:30 in the morning and we heard some rumbling. It was our stomachs. They were accustomed to be filled at 6 am and it had been over 2 hours and they were already having that empty feeling. So off to Cafe Sweet Inspirations we went where a buffet breakfast would definitely put an end to that persistent noise within.

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