Thursday, May 23, 2019

Osaka Birding - Day 5

We had ample time to go birding on our last day in Osaka. Of course we had to go the place that is within walking distance from our hotel - the Osaka Nanko Bird Sanctuary. It was a beautiful sunny morning which is probably why the pesky insects we encountered three days ago were very, very few. The "hide" allowed visitors in earlier than its scheduled 9 am opening. Unfortunately, birds were even fewer this time. The good thing was we saw species that were not here the last time we came. Such as this Whimbrel.

The Great Cormorant was still at its usual place.

The Great Egrets were already in their breeding plumage.

The Eastern Spot-billed Ducks did some fly-by.

A Common Moorhen also did a short stop over.

We then tried the wooded area around the "hide". The only bird we saw was a male Narcissus Flycatcher.

The last photo of the day and of the trip is that of the bird we first saw in Osaka and for us, had become the avian symbol of this beautiful city, the White-cheeked Starling, which we saw as we were walking back to our hotel.

Time to pack and get ready for our return flight home.

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