Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The Grackle

Once upon a summer morn aglow, my wife and I decided to go
To a lovely park some sixty miles away.
The place is called Laguna Niguel where birding always go well.
As we entered a verdant dell gentle breezes made the leaves sway
Squirrels and chipmunks scampered and engaged in rowdy play
It was a lovely day!

Then as I stood 'neath a tree, I heard a soft tweedle dee.
Intrigued by the sound I resolved here to stay.
Soon came an eerie cackle, a snort, a tweet and a gaggle
A long whistle and a prattle. I could not shift my eyes away
From the branches above me as I began to pray
To spare me from this horror that comes my way.

Suddenly the noises stopped and to my front a dark bird plopped
It stared at me and opened its beak as if wanting to say
Some words of deep sagacity beyond my mortal mental capacity.
As I await in chilling trepidity, it uttered a spray
Of plurks and prrrts and a plethora of sounds in great array
That filled the air that summer day

“Speak, O bird", I uttered feeling quite absurd,
“Speak to me, O bird, for yours is the day.”
With eyes a-sparkle, it raised its head and said, “I am a grackle.”
“I am in such a debacle”, he declared as he bowed in dismay.
“I wanted to be the new national bird of the U.S.A.
But certainly not this way..”

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mick said...

Terrific! Both the words and the photo! Thanks for a great start to my day :-) (Oh yes, it's very early morning right now down in Australia.)

Eve said...

I love the poem. What a funny little bird. ;)

Anonymous said...

Quoth the grackle "evermore"?

Seriously, among my favorite birds. I like their intelligence and playfulness.

Arija said...

A fellow traveller, a friend or foe? Nice to know it wasn't pistols or sword, just a friendly word exchanged on the road.

Kelly said...

Haha! Very fun and cute little poem!! Lovely photo as well...

MaineBirder said...

Great post, story, photo!

I have seen Grackles with their heads in that and much worse shape.

Dawn Fine said...

Hee hee nice poem!
Gotta love the Grackle!

Larry Jordan said...

Great post Bob. I didn't realize you were such a good poet! Ah the Great-tailed Grackle. Such a beautiful bird, but beware the ear piercing whistle.