Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Puerto Princesa Birding - Day 4

"Angel" in a Jolly Mood

We did not have an "angel" with us this morning. But we were in a jolly mood - the sun was shining, the birds were chirping.

Our last day in Puerto Princesa. Our plane doesn't leave until 1 pm so we have the whole morning to bird the surrounding area of our hotel. It was a reprise of what we have seen three days ago. With a little bonus! We were surprised to see an Ashy Drongo perched on a wire overlooking a tiny corn patch teeming with Chestnut Munias.

The Brown-throated Sunbirds were enjoying the sunshine that had been missing the past several days.  

The juvenile white-vented Shama was still in its usual hangout. This time it was joined by an adult. 

Even the Pygmy Flowerpeckers were bolder than usual.

Indeed time flies when you're having fun. Soon it was time to go. We bade fond farewells to the hotel staff who had been so nice and helpful to us.

We'll be back!

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