Sunday, October 21, 2012

Coron Trip: Day 6 - Five, More and Less

We met up with our new friend, Maween Rios Reyes, at the small patch of forest adjoining the San Agustin Academy premises. Just as she described to us yesterday, this place was quite birdy. However, the birds were those that we have already seen at Capayas Creek. It was still thrilling though to be serenaded by a White-vented Shama this early in the morning. The Black-naped Monarchs and Olive-backed Sunbirds were already busy hunting for food. A lone Grey Wagtail was a lifer to our friend who was just getting into the birding groove.

After about an hour, we have seen all the birds that this place had to offer. Since it was still early, Cynthia and I invited Maween back to the boulevard. I still want to get further documentation of the waders that inhabit that area. Somehow I couldn't get over the fact that these tiny patches of water not far from a marketplace would harbor such a diversity of birds!

Sadly when we got there, the avian population had become sparse. The lone Black-headed Gull still remained along with the Whiskered Terns though. 

The Plovers were down to a few Kentish(?) Lesser Sand (?). 

The Red-necked Stint pair were still foraging tirelessly. 

Both the solo Grey-tailed Tattler and Wood Sandpiper also decided to stick around. 

Of the Wagtails, only one Yellow remained.

We attributed the decline to the slowly evaporating ponds caused by the fiercely shining sun. The heat was so intense that Cynthia and Maween could no longer endure standing in the open. I, on the other hand, was intent on my desire to photograph the unusual shore birds of Coron. Until I noticed my clothes sticking to my skin like duct tape. Reluctantly, I joined my companions who were fanning themselves vigorously in the semi-comfort of a shade.

My wife and I thanked our friend for a wonderful morning then bade her a fond farewell and promised to keep in touch.

Around 10 am while we waited for the van that will take us to the airport, Cynthia and I reminisced on our adventures here in Coron. It was pretty much summarized as: five lifers more and five pounds less.

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