Monday, February 03, 2014

Catching Ire - part two of the Anger Games Trilogy

In our previous episode, the three of us - I, Kainis Poreber, my life partner, Osintiang Lupa, and our friend, Bong Tarat-Tarat were angered by the apparent indifference of people who sauntered loudly by as we were stalking our prey- the Assy Thrash.

One-and-a-half years later, our trio were back to the same place for basically the same reason - to look for Thrashes. Bong for the one with the Scales and me and my partner for the one with the Highbrow. This time we were joined by three more hunters: Teban Would, Chin Chirin Chin and Bids 'n' Pisses. All wanting to get the Thrashes.

Many hours passed and not a single Thrash showed up - not the Assy, not the one with Scales nor the Highbrowed one. With one exception. Bids, the newest in the group wandered around the forest while the rest of us waited near the fruiting palm tree. As Bids was roaming he stopped for a while to answer the call of nature. That's when he saw the now flighty Mang Groblu catcher of flies. As he was shooting it, he heard a call. Following the sound he noticed a brown bird fly to a nearby tree. Later on when he asked me what it was I was incredulous! It was the Thrash with the Highbrow! Bids saw it without even looking for it while Osintiang Lupa and I, Kainis Poreber, had been searching for it the whole week!

That got my ire. Not at Bids but at our misfortune. Nevermind that we all got good looks at the friendly Guy Abero, it was my frustration along with that of my partner that caught us seething in disgust.

Which was further aggravated when throngs of loud, noisy people went traipsing the trails where we were waiting for the Thrashes and therefore cutting short our stake out.

Catching the ire caused by such inconsiderate acts we all walked out the forest with anger in our hearts.

The characters and creatures portrayed in this story are all fictional. Any similarities with an actual person or animal, alive or dead, are purely coincidental.

Or not.

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