Thursday, February 27, 2014

Mockingthrash - part three of the Anger Games Trilogy

We were back in the game. Emboldened by the urging of our friend, Ketring, who saw lots of them just a couple of days ago, I, Kainis Poreber, and my lifetime partner, Osintiang Lupa, were back at the Table Lands. Determined to hunt down the Thrash with the Highbrow, we went to the place of the fallen trees but it was very quiet. We decided to scour the area below for some possible Peeta sightings. Along the way we met three of our friends, Eyering, Broom, and Catch. They were also looking for the Peeta with a Hoodie. They have their own mission and we have ours so we parted ways.

It wasn't long when we caught a glimpse of a pair of Green Stone Dubs. The male was very flighty so it was only the female that I was able to shoot.

The Assy Thrash was also near the entrance to the trail.

When the time that Ketring saw the Thrashes with the Highbrow two days ago came, we returned to the place of the fallen trees. However a pair of brightly clad humans were sitting on the log and unintentionally blocked the narrow trail. It was then that the mixed flock of Fried Pan Tails, Gerry Wents, and White-eyed Lowland dwellers came. The Thrashes with the Highbrows that was supposed to join them were missing though.

When the mixed flock had gone, we went to the fruiting palm trees hoping that the Thrashes would feast there as had been their habit before. A long time passed and no Highbrow came.

With heavy hearts Osintiang Lupa and I, Kainis Poreber, left the Table Lands. As we walked out we could almost hear the mocking laughter of the Thrash with the Highbrow who managed to avoid being seen by us in the four different times that we tried and yet showed themselves to those who were not even looking for them.

That mocking laughter will haunt us forever. And the anger remains.

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The characters and creatures portrayed in this story are all fictional. Any similarities with an actual person or animal, alive or dead, are purely coincidental.

Or not.

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